Hollywood Fashion Secret Admire Me Silicone Bra Inserts



Are you looking for that ‘va-va-voom’ look, but need just a little assistance in the ta-ta area?

Being a woman is both exciting and challenging. We have the unique ability to make men turn heads in the moment we walk into rooms, but sometimes our confidence level goes down.

Often, our breasts become saggy as we age or after nursing our sweet children using our miraculous bodies. Sometimes we feel that we fall short because of breast size, breast asymmetry or lack of fullness.

Admire Me Silicone Gel Bra Inserts help you to say ‘no’ to the sag!

This silicone breast enhancer is made with medical-grade silicone to provide you with a breast-lifting experience you'll be satisfied with. The soft material of these bra inserts fits comfortably under your breast inside any bathing suit or bra for a perky set of ta-tas that you can tout all day.

You can use gel bra inserts in 2 ways: one is to add the silicone pads on the bra and then wear it together. Another way is to put the insert directly into the small bag of the bra. Nobody will know your little secret! Choose bra inserts from two sizes, Medium or Large, with our M size fitting an A-cup and our L working well for B to D cups.

You’ll love that you can keep your silicone bra inserts fresh with our storage bag.
Product measurement:
M size - 3.1" high and 4.3" wide
L size 4" high and 5.1" wide

If you need more details, allow us to help:
💋 No lines, no hints, no-show
💋 Look and feel uplifted
💋 Best way to boost your self-confidence and spend your day like a "boss"
💋 Wear with anything for a dab of drama
💋 Date night never looked so good

Forget about heavy enhancers and suffering, forget about expensive and risky surgery. Wear Admire Me breast enhancers inserts and feel confident, sexy and amazing in any situation. Add Admire Me Silicone Bra Inserts to your cart TODAY!




The bra inserts are great!! I needed them for a performance I am in and, honestly, I was a little nervous that they would be uncomfortable. I was sure pleasantly surprised when they came in and I felt how soft and comfortable they are!! And they are so easy to insert in a bra, I forget that I am wearing them!! 


Love them! If you want to increase your cup size, definitely go for the large.


I’m extremely happy with what I received!!!


These in the large are so comfy stay in place and make a difference! I would definitely recommend them!


After breast cancer I was looking for something to fill my bra and get the two sides to equal and they do it. Wonderful. Thank you