In pursuit of a perfect breast, many women are ready for anything or almost everything. They easily go under the surgeon’s knife, sit on terrible diets and abuse themselves in the gym. But nowadays, to correct some parts of the body, it is not necessary to take such drastic measures. For example, in order to increase breasts you do not need to seek surgery. You can just buy a miracle push-up bra or silicone bra inserts to place in your regular bra cup. And with that, you can not only correct your body appearance, but also increase your breast by 1-2 sizes.

Today we will tell you how to choose the right bra. First it's important to figure out how this miracle device works, how your breast gets more volume. Push up bra was created in order to lift the breast by pushing it up. This is due to special features in the bra, they can be either removable or sewn. They provide good breast support from below, and a triangular-shaped cup moves apart the breast from the inside, revealing a tempting cleavage. Now lingerie stores offer a huge range of push-up bras and each of them serves for specific purposes.

What can you achieve wearing push up bras?

  • Enlarge the breast
  • Adjust breast volume
  • Adjust breast shape and size

How to choose the right push up bra?

  • It is highly recommended to choose everyday bra made of cotton fabrics do not create a “sauna effect”;
  • To adjust the volume of the breast, choose bras with front buckles, which allow you to remove or move the bra cups away from each other;
  • To make your breasts seductive, buy push up bras with 4 inserts or add the silicone bra inserts on the bra and then wear it together
  • If you decide to wear a dress with an open back, choose a push-up with a silicone back, such a bra is less noticeable;
  • Do you like tight clothes? Seamless bra is a great option;
  • The bra should not compress your chest strongly, choose the model according to size;
  • Do not choose a product with too thin material, over time it will stretch and the breast will “hang”.

Fortunately women don’t need to fill their bra with cotton wool any longer. Push up bras and silicone bra inserts (also known as gel bra pads or chicken cutlets) are here to help women to achieve the push-up effect they have always wanted. Try silicone bra inserts with your favorite push up bra or regular bra and no one will find your little secret.


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