Women's bust has always attracted much attention. Size does not matter, but the appearance is exactly what men first of all pay attention to. If there are some problems in this regard, then it can be easily fixed not only with surgical intervention, but also using bra inserts silicone.

Visual changes

Using silicone bra inserts, you can achieve several visual effects, and especially breast enlargement and changes in its shape. Thus, you can visually enlarge the breast and make a beautiful and feminine shape. bra inserts silicone will help you feel confident at any event you need to attend. It is better to have several sets of silicone bra inserts in M and L sizes, because if the bra is with a small cup, the L silicone bra inserts simply will not fit it, and the incorrectly selected gel bra inserts, which is also seen by others, is not the most attractive option.

How to choose the right size

The shape of the  Bra Inserts Silicone should be similar to the shape of your breast. After all, if you have a size smaller than you would like, and want to correct the situation with large Bra Inserts Silicone, it will look completely absurd. First of all, you should look at yourself from the side and, in order to look elegant, give the breast a little volume and size.

Bra Inserts Silicone has the form of an oval.

Silicone bra inserts - pros and cons 

Oval Bra Inserts Silicone are suitable for bras of any type, as they will not be visible in any case. Such breast inserts give them the right shape, which looks very attractive.

Please, note that Silicone Bra Inserts have the following measurement:

M size - 3.1" high and 4.3" wide

L size  4" high and 5.1" wide


Bra Inserts Silicone are almost imperceptibly under the bra, they are not felt when worn. They include silicone (95%) and polyurethane (5%). Another advantage of using Bra Inserts Silicone is that they are easy to clean and do not wear out.

Buying such an important lingerie accessories as a Bra Inserts Silicone is not worth saving. Cheap linings can be harmful to your health, and this is not a joke. Therefore, before purchasing silicone bra inserts, you need to make sure that their manufacturer is sufficiently proven and well-established in the market.

Hand wash gently in warm water with mild soap. Do not machine wash or dry. Do not use brushes or fingernails do avoid permanent damage. Rinse thoroughly,  allow to air dry and store in original storage bag.

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