The choice of lingerie, like the lingerie itself, is a very intimate and sensitive theme to be discussed. If in everything that relates to outerwear, girls are eager to consult with friends, mom and loved ones, then in regard to panties and bras, they often rely on their own taste and the advice of consultants in the store, or reviews on the Internet.

When buying lingerie, you consider your needs, wishes and general sense of beauty. You pay attention to the brand, quality of fabric and cut, style, color. It would also be appropriate to know that lingerie, like any other clothes, should be purchased taking into account the features of the figure.

So, how to choose lingerie that emphasizes all your advantages and hides flaws? To do this, we turn to the traditional classification of female figures.

As you know, the types of female body shapes are conventionally divided into five figure types:

  • pear
  • inverted triangle
  • rectangle
  • an apple
  • hourglass

Body Shape: Pear

This shape of figure is very feminine. It means thin shoulders, a graceful waist and wide hips. Despite the sensuality of such forms, their owners often feel embarrassed and try to achieve the visual effect of an hourglass.

Suitable lingerie for the Pear body shape:

Stylists advise girls with pear shapes to focus on the chest and try to neutralize the hips with restrained styles and dark colors. In this case, a bra with hard cups or a bustier is ideal. A great solution will be all kinds of decorative ornaments of the bra, including lace. But low panties and thongs should be avoided.

Body Shape:  Inverted Triangle

A narrow pelvis and wide shoulders, the waist is not very pronounced. But women with Inverted Triangle body shape  have large breasts and long legs that cause the envy of many.

Suitable underwear for body shape Inverted triangle

In order to smooth the “sharp corners” of the triangle, style experts recommend choosing a bra with a soft cup (without foam rubber) on the bones or sconces. Models with a V - neckline on thin straps that are located in the center of the clavicle will be a perfect solution.

As for panties - almost all styles and models are suitable. It can be both high-waisted panties and Brazilian. Do not be afraid of lace and various decorative elements:

  • flirty bows;
  • frills;
  • bright colors.

All this will not only decorate you, but also add charm. The waist can be formed using a sexy stocking belt. And stockings emphasize the beauty of the legs.

Body Shape: Rectangle

Its distinguishing feature is almost the same width of the shoulders, hips and waist, and therefore, the figure has a certain degree of similarity with the rectangle. Despite the fact that this body shape does not differ in feminine curves, it is this appearance that is considered to be a model type of body.

Suitable lingerie for Rectangle body shape

The main challenge of the female with this body shape is to form a waist. To do this, stylists advise giving preference to high-waisted panties and bright decorative accents on the sides. When choosing a bra, you should take a closer look at the balconies and underwired bodices that will lift your breast and create a push-up effect. One more little secret which can help you to lift up your breast is Silicone Gel Bra Inserts. You can use bra inserts silicone in 2 ways: one is to add the silicone pads on the bra and then wear it together. Another way is to put the insert directly into the small bag of the bra.  

It is better to refuse panties with a low waist. The body or corset will help  to underline and adjust the figure in the right places.

Body Shape: Apple

Chest and hips can be both pronounced and quite slender. But the main distinguishing feature of such a body shape is the stomach, which, even with sufficient thinness, is still noticeable. And all because the waist is approximately the same as the volume of the chest. But women with apple body shape are most often slender and have long legs.

Suitable lingerie for the Apple body shape

If you have a magnificent bust, it is better to choose bras with stones without a push-up and with effective support. The oversized panties allow you to form a waist and tighten the hips.  Corsets will also be a great solution, it will help to correct the body and correctly place the focus.

Body Shape: Hourglass

Pronounced waist, shoulders and hips are located on the same line - this type of body shape is called the “hourglass”.

Suitable lingerie for the Hourglass body shape

Almost all models of lingerie fit that body shape. There is scope for imagination and experimentation: bras with or without bones, balconies, invisible bras ... Various corsets and lace bodies will emphasize the figure, lace thongs with an oversized fit will look very impressive.

We are sure that every woman, like her body, is unique. We sincerely believe that no shortcomings will prevent you from loving yourself. And also we wish every woman more often to indulge in luxurious lingerie. No matter which bra you choose, do not forget to try silicone gel bra inserts. It will help you to create a fantastic cleavage and get that push up effect for your breast that you always desired!

If you still hesitate - to buy silicone bra inserts or not to buy, check out  here how you can benefit from lingerie accessories.

You deserve it!

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