Q: Will these bra inserts stick to my skin so they don’t slide or bra inserts silicone  slide out unless you sew them down?

 A: Hello! Thank you for the question. Silicone bra inserts are not sticky. But they don't slide around either as long as your bra fits correctly. You can use bra inserts silicone in 2 ways: one is to add the silicone pads on the bra and then wear it together. Another way is to put the insert directly into the small bag of the bra.


Q: Hello, what are the exact measurements of the l bra inserts silicone ?

A: Hello! Thanks for your interest in bra inserts silicone.

Product measurement:

M size - 3.1" high and 4.3" wide

L size 4" high and 5.1" wide


Q: Are they a solid or filled with a liquid?

A: Thanks for your interest in bra inserts silicone its made from 100% medical grade silicone with high quality , its solid and no liquid inside


Q: Where are these manufactured?

A: Hello! Thanks for your interest. Like most silicone products, bra inserts silicone are manufactured in China.